RÉ of the first avant-garde and adventurous percussion groups in the world. With a new meaning for the oldest and largest family of musical instruments in the world, this percussion quartet, composed of Luc Langlois, Robert Lépine, Aldo Mazza and Chantal Simard, successfully creates a rare combination of virtuoso performances and theatrical performances.

repercussion group

With a wide palette of traditional and contemporary percussion instruments from around the world, RÉPERCUSSION takes audiences on amazing journeys through classic, jazz, contemporary and world-beat styles.

Since its beginnings in 1974, RÉPERCUSSION has performed at some of the most prestigious venues and festivals, such as the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Expo '86 (Vancouver), Expo '92 (Seville), Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, National Theater (Costa Rica), and the Montreal Jazz Festival. They were the first western percussion to play in Beijing in 1987.

More than 2,500 concerts later, they continue to be invited as featured guests with leading symphony orchestras and can be heard regularly on radio and television programs around the world.



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