Alain was born in Trinidad (Cuba) in 1977 and grew up in the nearby town of Manaca Iznaga in the province of Sancti Spiritus , where very early gave samples of his c musical apacity, specially cultivated by his father, Gradelio Perez, who encouraged him to continue musical studies and who eventually became his lyricist.

alain perez

The first contact with music came to him through the music of his surroundings, the parranda, the guajiro point and the free point, and at the age of 8 he begins his musical career as a vocalist in a children's group, Cielito Lindo, for what moves to live in the city of Cienfuegos. Start studies of Solfeo, Classical Guitar and Piano, at the Manuel Saumell Conservatory .

Alain continues his musical education in Havana at the National School of Music (ENA) where he graduated with the highest score in 1996 with the titles of Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar and Ensemble Direction.

  • Nomination for Latin Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album ” - 2017
  • Nomination for “ Latin Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Album - 2015
  • First Latin American Latin American Jazz SGAE Award - 2002
  • DNA - 2017
  • Talking with Juana - 2014
  • Appetizing - 2010
  • In the air - 2006
  • God enjoy the queen - 2004
  • The challenge - 2000

Alain has worked as a member and arranger of  'Irakere', where he debuted with 17 years, with Issac Delgado as musical and bassist, with Celia Cruz, and with several of the most prominent Cuban artists including Van Van, where he replaces Juan Formell at your request, and Paquito D 'Rivera among others. Alain was part of Team Cuba formed in 1998 by the 7 most important Cuban Timba bands on a tour of Europe that took them to the Sports Palace of Madrid and Barcelona.

It is in Spain when Alain is enchanted with flamenco, which leads him to deepen his study. He starts playing with Niño Josele with whom he records 'Niño Josele' ( 2003 ) and Española ( 2009 ) and enters the flamenco world in a process of music exchange that leads him to work with the most renowned flamenco artists of the moment.

Notable are his collaborations with Enrique Morente with whom he worked on several recordings as bassist and arranger 'The Little Clock' (2003 ) and Morente + Flamenco ( 2010 ). He also collaborates among others with Diego 'El Cigala', Josemi Carmona, Estrella Morente, Jorge Pardo and Concha Buika. Especially noteworthy is his collaboration with Paco de Lucia, whose ensemble was a titular musician (bassist) for a period of ten years and with whom he has collaborated in several recordings both in studio and live, such as Cositas Buenas (2004 ), his last live album 'En Vivo' (2011 ) and his posthumous album recorded in studio 'Canción Española' in which he arranged the song that closes the album 'Señorita'.

Alain has been a professor of Bass and Ensemble at the Berklee School of Music, in the headquarters of Valencia, where he continues to collaborate promptly and is currently part of the faculty faculty at Alfonso X University 'El Sabio'. It is important to highlight Alain's educational work, since in addition to his teaching work at the university he teaches master classes in a variety of countries.

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