Antonio Sanchez was born in Mexico City, Mexico on November 30, 1964. At the age of 5 he discovered an irreproachable attraction to the battery. He promptly began taking private lessons with the best teachers in Mexico. After several years of study he began to play in a great variety of musical contexts as part of diverse groups of the City of Mexico.

Fabiana Cozza, daughter of the singer Osvaldo Dos Santos. Began her career in 1996 participating in a vocal group led by the singer Jane Duboc. In 1998, by invitation of Eduardo Gudin, she joined the group Noticias de Brasil, with which she participated in the CD "Noticias de Brasil. She has also worked as an actress, participated in several musicals, among them "Reina Quelé", in homage to Clementina de Jesús; "The Song of the Warrior", in homage to the work of Clara Nunes and in "Watercolors of Ary Barroso".

Nanny Assis was born in Salvador, Brazil in 1969. Singer, drummer, percussionist, singer-songwriter, has played with artists such as Vinicius Cantauria, Eumeir Deodato. He is a master of Brazilian jazz, Afro-Brazilian music and other popular sounds from his homeland.

Rodrigo Iter, born and raised in the city of Coquimbo, in Chile. From small showed his interest in music, as his father, Rubén Iter, also drummer, initially indirectly was encouraged by this instrument.

Dj of timba, salsa and Afro-Cuban genres, which specializes in Cuban music, precursor of timba in Venezuela and follower of the casino movement in the world.

Rodney Yllarza Barreto was born on January 25, 1984 in the city of Havana. He studied percussion at the Guillermo Tomás School and consecutively at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory in Havana.

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