Aldo Mazza is an internationally recognized multi-percussionist, recording artist, clinician, composer, author, publisher, artistic director producer and educator.

Artistic director and founder of the KoSA International Percussion Workshops & Festivals for the past twenty three years (USA, Canada, Cuba, China & Italy) and member of the internationally acclaimed percussion ensemble, Répercussion for over 40 years.

Oliver Valdés Rey. Havana, November 11, 1981. He studied elementary music at the Manuel Saumell School. Then, in 1996, he entered Amadeo Roldán middle school and graduated in 2000.

Peter Robert Lockett, born in Portsmouth, United Kingdom. Lockett is known as a versatile and prolific percussionist, collaborating with many artists. He is well versed in percussion traditions from music variations from around the world, from carnatic and traditional Hindustani music from North and South India to traditional Japanese taiko drums, with a style ranging from blues, funk and rock to classical, Folk and ethnic and from Arabic to electronic.

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