Los Muñequitos de Matanzas began in 1952 in the neighborhood of La Marina in Matanzas, Cuba, when a group of young people began to follow the rhythms of a song that Arsenio Rodríguez was playing, using plates and bottles, as in the style of » kitchen rumbas ".The most important group of Cuba in this genre of music in its founders counted the famous Saldigueras, Virulilla, Catalino, Gallito, Pellado and Cacha, among others.

Outstanding Cuban musical group formed in 1961 that enjoys a special inside and outside of Cuba. Yoruba Andabo is a true example of the authenticity and versatility necessary to assume the folkloric and popular traditions, always representing the great diversity of the Cuban essence.The first seed that gave life to this group was planted in 1961 in the docks of the port of Havana, the birthplace of legendary rumberos, this gave rise to the Guaguancó Marítimo Portuario, is in 1985 that this group starts a professional work with the name of Yoruba Andabo.

A fabulous project imagined and taken to reality is "OSAIN del MONTE", even for those unfamiliar with Afro-Cuban art and music, the mastery and strength with which musicians and dancers take us into this magical culture full of gods in a universe of dazzling rhythms and sensual dances of our culture, with new percussive ingredients from Cuban and international popular music, without losing authenticity but at the same time with a high level of artistic creativity, enriching the current urban culture.

Los Papines, one of the rumba groups most known in Cuba and abroad. Created in 1963 in Havana. True masters of Cuban percussion. Exceptional group of voices With only five musicians take over the scene and create an unrepeatable show delighting the public, combining the most genuine manifestations of the rumba. They have been the kings of Cuban percussion for more than 40 years.

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