With a strong base of influences from Latin and Afro-Cuban jazz, Brenda has extended her wings to the contemporary music of the world. An intransigent professional, infuses passion, strange skills, musical originality and relentless energy in each project and performance. From her beginnings at Manuel Saumell Elementary School of Music at age 9, Brenda Navarrete focused on percussion and a musical career. She graduated from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory of Music in Cuba in 2009, obtaining accreditations as an instrumentalist, essayist and percussion instructor.

brenda navarrete 2When asked how she came to music, Brenda Navarrete says it was because of her sister Melvis Santa. Since she was little, she studied piano and Brenda accompanied her playing with her hands on a table or her own legs. One day she asked what she wanted to learn and without hesitation she answered: percussion."I always liked drums. I started studying at the Manuel Saumell Elementary Music School, although my sister insisted on finding a softer instrument because I was very active and needed something to calm me down. I almost chose the flute but what's up, I did not like it".
Then she went to the middle level at the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and in the second year Joaquín Betancourt contacted her to join her Jazz Band. "I entered as a percussionist but the teacher was the first person who inspired me to sing. From there I became part of Obiní Batá, a female folkloric orchestra, and sometime later I joined the Santa Habana project, of my sister Melvis. Thanks to her, I met Robertico Carcassés and today I belong to his Interactivo group".

These experiences were important in Brenda's career, especially when deciding to create her own group. "Collaborating with so many musicians helpedbrenda navarrete me to capture and learn each other's style. It's a great cocktail, that's why I'm a mix of alternative music.

In 2010, Brenda Navarrete won a national contest during the prestigious Fiesta del Tambor, winning the first prize in the Bata drums category, as well as for the best performance of a female artist.

Working with a large number of well-known artists, including the Afro-Cuban percussion group, Obini Bata, the jazz musician Joaquín Betancourt, Alain Pérez, Munir Hossn and as a singer of the acclaimed international band Interactivo, directed by Roberto Carcasses, Brenda has left his brand as an accomplished singer, percussionist, composer and arranger. Brenda's curriculum includes collaborations with Cuba's musical elite. She has played in the recordings of many notable Cuban artists, recently invited in Batá and voice in Contumbao album by Cuban-Canadian pianist and composer Hilario Duran.

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