Los Muñequitos de Matanzas began in 1952 in the neighborhood of La Marina in Matanzas, Cuba, when a group of young people began to follow the rhythms of a song that Arsenio Rodríguez was playing, using plates and bottles, as in the style of » kitchen rumbas ".The most important group of Cuba in this genre of music in its founders counted the famous Saldigueras, Virulilla, Catalino, Gallito, Pellado and Cacha, among others.

los munequitos matanzasThey have visited practically the whole world and on more than one occasion Canadá, the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, Puerto Rico and England.

Regardless of the national and community work they do, they act for international tourism and teach percussion, singing and dance workshops at the University of Matanzas to North Americans, Danish, French and Germans. In the same year 2011 the renowned Cuban artists after almost a decade without appearing on New York stages, led by Professor Diosdado Ramos, toured more than a dozen cities in the United States, started on April 2 and classified as historic and successful.

In 2001, they recorded several works on the CD La rumba Soy Yo, which brought together the best Cuban rumberos in an "All around" of the rumba that won a Latin Grammy Award.

Los Muñequitos de Matanzas are part of a living legend of African music in Cuba and remains attached to their roots Abakwa (Efik / Efo).

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