Outstanding Cuban musical group formed in 1961 that enjoys a special inside and outside of Cuba. Yoruba Andabo is a true example of the authenticity and versatility necessary to assume the folkloric and popular traditions, always representing the great diversity of the Cuban essence.The first seed that gave life to this group was planted in 1961 in the docks of the port of Havana, the birthplace of legendary rumberos, this gave rise to the Guaguancó Marítimo Portuario, is in 1985 that this group starts a professional work with the name of Yoruba Andabo.

yoruba andabo3From that moment, they offered his art in various activities of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), worked with the record company EGREM, on the initiative of the composer and singer Pablo Milanes, and shared the scene with the folk singer Merceditas Valdés.

The group combines the name of two words: Yoruba, the great homeland of southern Africa of nations and cultures, and Andabo, which in the Carabalí language means friend, follower or admirer.

In 1986, Yoruba Andabo was invited by the Cuban troubadour Pablo Milanés to participate in the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the EGREM record label. On that occasion, the group was joined by the famous folkloric singer Merceditas Valdés with whom she developed an important work for the Cuban musical legacy.

From the point of view of the musical and the danceable, they reflect the Cuban physiognomy: songs, devotion, dance and the beauty of life. The hot music, sensual rumba, guaguancó,yoruba andabo2 toque de santo, songs, Abakuá and Congolese songs, and communication with the dead converge. It means the convergence of pieces of the history of a country forged in a melting pot of races and encounters with other cultures.

Several Yoruba Andabo artists unfold as masters and give master classes and workshops in singing, dance and percussion. They are motivated by the wide musical repertoire imbricated with unique choreographies that grows deeply and meticulously every year.
The group has taken their art to Colombia, Canada and the United States, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Geneva, Paris, London and Carnegie Hall in New York City. His presence is acclaimed at the most important musical events held in Cuba and elsewhere. Outstanding have been his performances in Percuba, in the World Music and the Dance Festival in Toronto.

His participation in the International Festival of New York was a great success for Cuban music. Yoruba Andabo has shared the stage with prominent artists such as Pablo Milanés, Tata Güines, Joe Arroyo, Celeste Mendoza, Lázaro Ros, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Grupo Niche, among others.

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