Los Papines, one of the rumba groups most known in Cuba and abroad. Created in 1963 in Havana. True masters of Cuban percussion. Exceptional group of voices With only five musicians take over the scene and create an unrepeatable show delighting the public, combining the most genuine manifestations of the rumba. They have been the kings of Cuban percussion for more than 40 years.

los papines 2The Abreu, family of musical tradition in the rumba, with up to eleven members in this specialty. Originally from Marianao, the well-known western-Havana neighborhood that saw the great Chano Pozo born, the Abreu brothers come from a humble family of eleven musicians all dedicated to "the mother rumba".

In 1963 the birth of an unprecedented cultural phenomenon occurred: Los Papines, formed by the brothers Luis, Alfredo, Jesús, and Ricardo Abreu; this last one affectionately named as Papín and who leads the group hence its name Los Papines.

The spirit of overcoming never abandoned the brothers. As they wanted a demanding vocal projection, they approached the maestro Luis Carbonell to trainlos papines 3 them in the field of polyphony and in the achievement of advanced harmonic solutions, besides assuming the rigors of correct tuning and intonation. They studied thoroughly the springs of reception psychology, so they made each presentation a show in itself. At the same time they forged the family unit more and more.

Los Papines was not strictly a rumba group, they started from the rumba but they wanted and they set out to do more than rumba. They took the tumbadoras and the primitive touches to an enviable scenic level, in which they interacted with the public based on grace, ingenuity and explosiveness.

In the beginning of the summer of 2009 it seemed the end of an era. It would have put an end to 50 years of artistic career of Los Papines. But there was another son of Luis, Alejandro, ready to pick up the baton.

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