Founded almost a decade ago and integrated mostly by young rumba artists, Timbalaye is led by Nelson López Carrillo and has 16 people on the scene, including dancers, instrumentalists and singers.
It was founded on June 13, 2007 in the neighborhood of Juanelo of the capital municipality of San Miguel del Padrón, as a community project with children who at that time were between seven and thirteen years old participating in various social and political activities programmed by the community. Months later La Casa de la Cultura de Centro Habana hosts it and they are auditioned by The Evaluation Commission of Amateur Artists that grants them the certificate of a First Level group.

timbalaye 4In the beginning, the work focused mainly on the folk genre, especially rumba, which was thought of making it different without losing its roots. It is a project that promises, envisions a successful future, both for its musical quality and its talent and love of the rumba.

The Timbalaye group is made up of boys and girls who started out being boys and girls selected for their talent and conditions as artists, most of them empirical musicians by family heritage. The majority descend from a single family of generally professional musicians, raised in the same neighborhood, whose parents are brothers or cousins.timbalaye 2

His first album "Se partio el bate" won Cubadisco award in folk music, which is a stimulus and commitment to move forward providing the best of the group according to its general producer.

Undoubtedly, Timbalaye has an enviable service sheet in his endorsement, despite his adolescent status: several editions of Wemilere, Casa de la cultura Joseito Fernández and of Habana Vieja UNEAC, Festival de la Rumba, Cubadisco Festival, International Festival Timbalaye and Palacio de la Rumba among other presentations.

In addition, 80 years of the National Septet were included in the documentary, and on the album La Habana tiene su son (Bis Music label), with The National Septet, which was nominated for the Latin Grammy, just to mention some of its credentials.

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