Rumbatá emerged in 1996, with the aim of spreading the genre of the rumba in the province of Camagüey and making known the most native of cuban culture. The group cultivates the genre with extensive sound and dance resources and excellent performers who relive Cuban roots with their art.

It has a new projection within the complex, which has taken it to the best scenarios, both inside and outside the country. It is part of the Catalog of Excellence of the Provincial Center of Musicrumbata escena and Shows "Jorge Luis Betancourt Caballero".

rumbata2Composed of 15 musicians, Rumbatá tries to make known the most native of Cuban culture, producing an approach between the show and the public in a contemporary and unprejudiced way. It is a group that cultivates the genre of Rumba, with extensive sound and dance resources, with excellent performers who demonstrate an art from our roots. Its director, Wilmer Ferrán Jiménez, has managed to lead the group since its creation along the path of musical success with a high interpretive quality.

Since its foundation, it has kept a wide repertoire covering the genre respecting its foundations. In a contemporary and modern way, the Rumba fuses with the different musical genres such as Son, Flamenco, Bolero, Trova, Campesino, etc. It has 2 albums recorded with the EGREM and Bis Music within its record production. He participated, with Maestro Adalberto Álvarez, on the album "Son de Altura", nominated for the Grammy Awards 2011. In addition, he was present at the Latin-Jazz Disco of Manolito Simonet, with the song "Güines, what's wrong with Tata”.

Rumbatá is presented in dissimilar activities and events such as The Festival de la Rumba, the Jornadas de la Cultura, the Tambor Festival, the Festival of Nations in Spain, the Provincial and National Galas, among many others.

He is preparing for the launch of his latest phonogram "La Rumba del Siglo", in the second half of January next year, produced musically by Manolito Simonet, conductor of the El Trabuco Orchestra.

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