Great group of popular Cuban music created and directed by the pianist, arranger, writer, composer and director, César Pedroso Fernández better known as "Pupy".
Pupy is considered one of the most important figures of Timba and Cuban popular music. He passed through several groups in his training transition, notably his time as a pianist in the Revé Orchestra, later as one of the founders of "Los Van Van" with his partner and friend Juan Formell, this being one of the music groups Cuban emblematic and of great relevance.

pupyAfter 32 years of great success with them, he finally decided to form his own group "Pupy y Los Que Son Son" on October 4, 2001.
What characterizes the style of the group is how Pupy manages to create a different method to the one of the tumbaos and fusing different instrumental formats. It is said that is partly due to the style of his father, César Pedroso also known as "Nene".
The group managed to have the crowded dance floors, their songs on the radio and television and popular video clips are some of the hallmarks of distinction that was popularly known as "The Orchestra of the Moment".

In all the interviews Pupy says that his goal is "to conquer a place in the preference of the dancers". About the name of the orchestra, its director expresses that "it is a way of expressing that there are those who have to be and at the same time recognizes who they are, of the verb to be, and to Son as a musical genre, from where my roots start musicals".


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