Founded in 1956 by maestro Elio Revé Matos, an important figure of Cuban music, Elio Revé and his Charangón has been for many years, one of the most prestigious musical groups in Cuba and other parts of the world.

Its creator, born in Guantanamo (eastern province of Cuba) on June 23, 1930 and faithful exponent of the best values of Cuban music, was listed as "Father of the Changüí" for the contributions he made at this rate, in addition to being one of his greatest defenders.

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Within the career of Elio Revé Matos, highlights the fact that he was the first to use the five-key timbale in the Charanga format. He also introduced the trombones in his arrangements and finally, he tooked the Bata drums belonging to the religion, to his orchestra Yoruba. In addition to his charismatic sympathy, that hoarse and distinctive voice that always accompanied him when singing, combined with his professional rigor as a percussionist and his innate and cultivated talent, made him earn popularity in a very short time.

After the death of Elio Revé in 1997, his son Elio Revé Jr. (graduated in Advanced-Degree Qualification in Music) who was musically prepared by his father, and also was already part of the orchestra as a pianist and arranger, takes the challenge of continuing the Revé's work, asumming the direction of the orchestra, managing to maintain the popularity, the sound and the seal that had accompanied this group for so many years.

  • Fresquesito Disc, Best album in France and Prize in the category of Popular Dance Music in the Cubadisco of 2008.
  • ¿De qué estamos hablando? Disc as Best Recording, Best Disco Popular Dance Music and Cubadisco Grand Prix in 2011.

Elio Revé Jr. and his Charangón with rigor and great aesthetic and musical sense reached since then the first places of the national Hit Parade of Cuban radio and television, they have performed on stages in France, Holland, United States, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and Mexico where the orchestra was known and where they managed to get the audience to receive them with enthusiasm thanks precisely to the fact of having kept the same sound.

In 2002 and the beginning of 2003 the popularity of this group has grown, its prestige has also allowed them to appear in important festivals such as the Jazz in Santa Lucia where they shared the stage with figures such as Boyz II Men, Forplay, Earth , Wind and Fire, Herbie Mann, The Michel Brecker Quartet, Kindred and Mike Philips among others. It is also in 2003 that they made an important tour of several European countries where they managed to break expectations.

  • Elio Revé Y Su Charangón
  • Homenaje
  • Changüi Homenaje 45 Años
  • Se Sigue Comentando
  • Con las manos en la masa
  • Grandes Exitos
  • 50 Years of Orquesta Revé
  • La Aplanadora de Cuba
  • Arriba las Manos
  • Fresquecito
  • Elito Revé – Director
  • Dagoberto – Singer
  • Juan Miguel – Singer
  • Susel Orieta – Singer
  • Pedrito – Singer
  • El Yera - Singer

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