Adalberto Cecilio Álvarez Zayascomposer, arranger and conductor, is undoubtedly the Cuban sonero par excellence. Possessing a very personal and unmistakable harmonic and melodic style, "El Caballero del Son", a title that has been won by the anthological innovations and contributions made to that traditional and contemporary genre, turns out to be currently the most versioned musical author, in the Latin area in the last 40 years.

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He founded in 1978 the orchestra "Son 14", which became a milestone within those already existing in the Cuban musical field. After reaching wide popularity in "Son 14",he decided to form the orchestra of "Adalberto Álvarez and his Son" in 1984. In this new stage, he assumes the challenge of making new rhythmic changes . 

Since then and to date, his work was characterized, precisely by respecting the necessary and vital cadence, of the dancer, a condition within his work that has not only been recognized by dancers from his country, but by those from other latitudes.

The themes of the authorship of Adalberto appear in the repertoire and discography of Papo Lucca, Oscar D 'León, Roberto Roena , Willy Rosario, Andy Montañés, Ismael Quintana, Juan Luis Guerra and 440, Eddie Palmieri and Gilberto Santa Rosa, among others relevant musicians, performers and composers, who have recognized his talent as a creator.


  • Adolfo Guzmán Competition, Orchestration Prize, 2nd. Place, “Calle Enramada”, theme of Pedro Gómez; Orchestration: Adalberto Álvarez, 1979.
  • Silver Disc A Bayamo by Car, awarded by the EGREM label, 1980.
  • Special mention for the work “Son para un sonero”, in the Adolfo Guzmán Song Contest, 1980.
  • Sunflower Says Son 14, most requested theme of the year: "A Bayamo by car", 1980.
  • Orchestration Trophy Award, Benny Moré Festival, "If I've always been son", theme of Buenaventura Rosa; Orchestration: Adalberto Álvarez, 1980.
  • Prize for the most popular group, awarded by the Para Bailar program, with the play "A Bayamo by car", 1980.
  • First Prize of the Festival of the Son, in Guantanamo, with the work "With whom I dance my son", and Prize of the Popularity with the work "To Bayamo in car", 1980.
  • Prize for the best interpretation of the play "The son of the dawn", at the National Festival of Son Ignacio Piñeiro, 1981.
  • Declared a distinguished visitor from Santiago de Cuba, 1994.
  • Declared a distinguished visitor of Ciego de Ávila, 1994.
  • Recognition of the Cuban Institute of Music and Cubadisco'98 for his valuable musical creation, on the 25th anniversary of his artistic life, 1998.
  • ACDAM recognition for its contribution to Cuban musical creation in its 50 years, 1998.
  • Distinction for Cuban Culture. 1999
  • Staff of Fidelity, National Hotel of Cuba. 2000
  • Declared illustrious son of the city of Camagüey, 2001.
  • Recognition of Unión Suchel for his music and the activities carried out for this company, 2002.
  • Cubadisco'02 Award for the phonogram El son de Adalberto Sounds Cuban, in the category of Current Dance Music, 2002.
  • Recognition for the outstanding work and initiative of the Matamoros Son Festival, 2002.
  • Lucas Prize for "Mi tumbao " in the category Best Video of Popular Dance Music, 2002.
  • Order Felix Varela of First Degree, decoration granted by the State Council of the Republic of Cuba, 2002.
  • Declared illustrious son of Sancti Spíritus, 2002.
  • Declared a distinguished visitor of Sancti Spíritus, 2002.
  • Declared illustrious son of the province of Camagüey, 2003.
  • Golden Twilight Award for Popular Group of the Year, Barquisimeto, Venezuela.
  • Prize for the best orchestra, Feria de Cali, Colombia.
  • Prize for the best orchestra, Arequipa Fair, Peru.
  • Congo de Oro, Barranquilla, Colombia.
  • Winner of three awards at Festidanza , 450th Anniversary of Arequipa, Peru.
  • Recognition of the President of the Republic of Colombia for the performance of the Non-Aligned Summit in Cartagena de Indias.
  • Recognition of the University of Magdalena, Colombia.
  • Recognition at the Caribbean Culture Festival for its outstanding participation, 1997 and 1998.
  • National Music Award, 2008.
  • Maria's Return
  • Omara sings the Son
  • I dream of a gypsy
  • Celina, Frank and Adalberto
  • Nostalgia ( mit Gina León)
  • Weekend
  • Dominating the game
  • El Chévere and the Knight
  • They are in two times
  • Give him how
  • Hot Hot
  • To dance he plays touches
  • Crazy about Son
  • Adalberto Álvarez and his Son live
  • G great successes
  • The Super hits of Adalberto, SON 14
  • Adalberto and his Son, Sensational Night
  • To Dance the Toca Toca
  • Playing with Candela
  • Master ( mit Michel Camilo)
  • The Son of Adalberto Suena Cubano (2002)
  • To Dance Casino (2003)

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