1. Once purchased, the ticket will not be changed, nor will its amount be refunded, except in the circumstances contained in these general conditions.
  2. The Organization reserves the right to alter or modify the Festival program; always in accordance with the provisions of current legislation and, where appropriate, in accordance with these general conditions that will always be interpreted in accordance with the legislation. All the artists announced confirmed their participation in the Festival of the Drum Party 2020, however, cancellations or changes of the program are possible and will be announced during the event, as well as through our website in the section: These modifications will not entitle you to a refund or an exchange of the multiple pass. The multiple pass entitles you to enter all the events of the festival therefore, in case of definitive cancellation of a whole night or part, “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival” reserves the right of return. However, the severity of the cancellation will be studied depending on the circumstances and a response will be given via telematics within 30 days of the festival.

  3. It reserves the right of admission:

    • Those who behave aggressively, cause disturbances outside or inside, or those who endanger public order.
    • To people who show symptoms of drunkenness or who are using drugs or narcotic substances or show symptoms of having consumed.
    • To those who do not meet the minimum age conditions required.
  4. The ticket has different security measures. The Organization is not responsible for tickets that have not been purchased at official points of sale. Any amended, broken or clearly falsified entry ticket, Organization reserves the right to undertake the legal measures mentioned in point 14. The Organization shall have the right to deny access to the ticket bearer in case of detecting any anomaly in it.

  5. Admission is subject to the fact of having the ticket in good conditions. There will be a tickets check at the entrance of each event of the Festival.

  6. Upon entering the premises, the public may be subject to a search in accordance with current legal provisions, not allowing the entry of objects that may be considered dangerous by the Organization or are prohibited by current regulations: professional cameras, video cameras or recorders.

  7. The attending public recognizes and accepts that the Organization holds and is the owner of all intellectual property rights, industrial and any others, including those of image, derived, directly or indirectly, from artistic representations or any other that took place on the occasion of the celebration of the Festival, without territorial or temporal limitation, and without any other limitation other than those provided in the current Intellectual Property Law. Consequently, the capture, fixation or recording of images or sounds without the prior written authorization of the Organization is strictly prohibited. The Organization may expel any person who fails to comply with the previous obligation without generating any right to return the amount of the paid ticket.

  8. In case of total cancellation of the Festival, the Organization undertakes to refund the amount of this ticket. The distribution cost that the sales channels apply to the price of this ticket and charge directly to consumers for their service will not be returned by the Organization, if not by the sales channel itself.

  9. Once the ticket has been purchased, the amount will not be changed or refunded, except in case of cancellation of the Festival and in other cases established by current legislation. In case of total cancellation of the Festival, the Organization undertakes to refund the amount of this ticket. The cancellation, total or partial, of the event due to force majeure in any case will result in the refund of the ticket fee except in cases where it is legally established in accordance with current regulations on consumption and management of retail. The distribution cost that the sales channels apply to the price of this ticket, will not be refunded in any case by the Organization, given that the Organization is not a preceptor of said amount and that the provision of this service is understood to be made at the time of the purchase of this ticket. The return, in case of cancellation of the Festival, may be made by the Organization within fifteen (15) days from the planned celebration. Once seventy percent (70%) of the Festival is celebrated, there will be no refund, unless it is legally established. Bad weather conditions and schedule changes within the festival day do not entitle you to refund the ticket fee.

  10. The audience may appear in images taken by different means for later dissemination through any medium. The public attending the event expressly authorizes and free of charge the capture and fixation of their image, voice and name in order to allow maximum exploitation of the recordings that may be made during the Festival celebration and its subsequent dissemination by the Organization or authorized third parties by this through any means of communication, expressly consenting to a promotional and / or commercial use of the captured images. Likewise, the Assistant Public assigns to the Organizer, free of charge, the patrimonial content of the right to the image itself, without temporal and spatial limitation, for its exploitation in any medium or through any form of communication, including its name in any type of advertising, promotion, publication (including Internet), or any other medium, even for promotional or informational purposes, as well as its display in any medium and / or support.

    In no case may the assistant public claim any economic amount to the Organization derived from the exploitation that such images could carry out.

  11. The Organization recalls that the minimum age established by law, to access these types of shows is 18 years. Children under 18 may access as long as the administration has informed about the possibility of entering an event. In this case they will be accompanied by an adult responsible for the minor; who must ensure the underage safety and correct behavior during the Festival. Any minor who consumes alcoholic beverages or tobacco will be expelled from the Festival.

  12. In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that your data will be included in a file owned by R&Alfaro Marketing SL and may be used to manage their participation in the activities of Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival as well as to be informed of issues related to Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival and receive information electronically.

    In case you do not want to give your consent so that you are not sent advertising and information of interest or congratulations by email, send us an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., indicating it (for example: "I do not give my consent to send me advertising and information by email "and / or" I do not give my consent to send me congratulations").

    You are informed about the possibility of exercising your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition at home for these purposes of R&Alfaro Marketing S.L Plaza de Castilla, 3. Floor 15, Office E1. 28050, Madrid. Spain.

  13. The Festival Organization may deny access or expel the bearer of a ticket from the premises, in case of breach of the conditions imposed by the Organization's personnel, as well as in case it can be rationally presumed that a situation will imply of risk or danger to the bearer himself or other assistants, for uproar or for states of apparent or potential intoxication, the bearer will take on responsibility in all cases with his own actions and omissions that cause injuries to third parties or damage to things.

  14. All attempts to defraud, search and / or damage to private property caused directly or indirectly to the Organization, authorize it to take legal measures, both civil and criminal that it deems appropriate against the perpetrators.

  15. Possession of this ticket does not entitle its holder or third parties to use it, or its content, for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including contests, gifts and / or raffles) associated with the holder of the ticker or third. Failure to comply with this point will force the advertiser and / or unauthorized user to enforce a penalty equivalent to one thousand (1000) times the price of the most expensive ticket to the event, without prejudice to subsequent claims for general damages. Compensate the organizer for all damages that such unauthorized use may cause. Likewise, the license incorporated herein will be canceled.

  16. The different areas of the different stages of the Festival have a limited legal capacity established, so that once this limit is reached, access to these areas will be denied. Consequently, the Organization will not be in any case responsible for the inability of certain attendees to attend certain concerts or events that are part of the Festival.

  17. Any claim must be accompanied by the presentation of the ticket or other title and / or medium that reliably accredits the public's condition by the claimant.

  18. In the Festival grounds, in order to prove to Health the traceability of all food and drinks consumed within the venue, it is not possible to access with food or drink. In case of medical necessity (celiac, etc.) a medical proof must be presented to prove it. Inside the festival you can find stands where you can buy some kind of food. Once this ticket has been exchanged for the pass in the area authorized for it, the pass will become the element that certifies the acquired right. The loss of the pass will mean the loss of the right of admission. You must change the ticket purchased via Internet for your pass upon arrival at the Festival, as you will not be allowed to access without it. The exchange points will be located at places allowed for that purpose. Take care of your pass so it must be in perfect conditions. It is resistant, but it is not unbreakable. Be careful with it especially when showering, since damaged or broken passes will not be accepted - Under no circumstances, and until the Festival ends-. Keep your pass when leaving the Festival area because you will need it to enter again.

  19. It is completely forbidden to capture concerts, sounds and / or recording images or at the facilities where the Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival will take place. This prohibition applies equally to live performances by artists and groups, as well as to their broadcasts on the screens of the venues. Violation of this rule may lead to a penalty until the confiscation of the material and the immediate expulsion of the perimeter of the Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival without compensation.


Other conditions:

  • It is also reported that these conditions could be modified. The “user” is responsible for consulting them every time they access, browse and / or use the website, all the conditions set forth herein, as well as their subsequent modifications, without prejudice to the application of the corresponding legal regulations of Compulsory compliance as appropriate.
  • The "user" undertakes not to make false or fraudulent purchases. If it could reasonably be considered that such a purchase has been made, it could be canceled and the relevant authorities informed.
  • The “user” undertakes to provide truthful and lawful contact information, for example, full name, email, postal address, contact telephone number and / or other information that we will require in the process of acquiring the tickets.
  • The “user” will declare to be over 18 years of age and have the legal capacity to enter into contracts through this website
  • In the process of buying the multiple pass, duly registered “users” can buy on the website by the established means and forms. They must follow the online shopping procedure of, during which they will be detailed the total amount Taxes included and finally click on “I accept the general conditions of sale and make the payment”.
  • The user must fill in and / or check the information requested at each step, although, during the purchase process, before making the payment, the purchase data can be modified.
  • The communications, purchase orders and payments that intervene during the transactions made on the website could be archived and kept in the computerized records of Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival in order to constitute a means of proof of the transactions, in any case, respecting the reasonable security conditions and the laws and regulations in force that apply in this regard and particularly in accordance with the data protection law. LOPD and the rights that assist users according to the privacy policy of this website.
  • In no case “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival“ will add additional costs to the price of ticket automatically, but only those that the user has voluntarily selected and chosen.
  • Prices may change at any time, but possible changes will not affect orders or purchases with respect to which the "user" has already received a purchase confirmation made.
  • The payment methods accepted will be: PayPal, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Diners Club.
  • “Havana Rhythm and Dance Festival“ uses all means to guarantee the confidentiality and security of the payment data transmitted by the “user” during transactions through the website
  • If the means of payment is PayPal, gift card or credit card, the charge will be made at the time that “Popular Drum Party” sends a confirmation of the purchase of the ticket to the user. In any case, by clicking on “I accept the conditions of sale and I make the payment” the “user” confirms that the payment method used is his or that he is the rightful holder of the card with which he is making the payment purchase.



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